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🐴DONATE $50.00 To Horses 4 Hope & Receive This Tumbler WITH DONATION


**Please remember that your order is handmade and may come with small imperfections. The design is SUBLIMATED onto the tumbler. NO VINYL, GLITTER, or EPOXY is used. Will, not scratch or fade. They are high quality and made to last. Digitally and professionally printed. Full wrap design on each tumbler. Each Item is handmade to order, just for you!

 20 oz. Skinny Stainless Steel Double wall tumbler
 Your order comes with a plastic straw , rubber coaster underneath tumbler, plastic no dip lid and shipping box.


🐴DONATE $50.00 To Horses 4 Hope & Receive This Tumbler WITH DONATION

🐴 DONATE TODAY Why your donations are important.Horses 4 Hope runs solely on donations from our sponsors and you. From the individual to corporations, we all want those who suffer from depression, anxiety, fear, loss, and other physical and mental afflictions to heal and prosper. While we cannot always heal those who are suffering, we can give them comfort and emotional support. The care and love our horses provide can have lasting and positive effects. We need your help to continue our endeavor to ease all who have these mental and physical issues and with your support, you will be helping them as well.


🐴Don't Forget To Make A donation To Horses 4 Hope at -

Thank you,

Horses 4 Hope Tumblers - DONATE $50.00 Receive This Tumbler

  •   Tumbler Care:
    * Hand wash Only
    * Do not soak in the sink
    * Do not put in dishwasher
    * Do not microwave
    * Do not leave in hot car
    * Try not to drop

  • Shipping Information

    • See Below 
    • If you're local ( Rhode Island ), we will deliver for Free
    • Other shipping rates outside of Rhode Island 
    • Special We'll ship anywhere in the USA for $ 5.95 Through USPS Priority Mail
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